Would you like to start earning points towards prizes? All you have to do is register, make some purchases, check your points balance, or claim rewards via your account profile.
Earn 10 points for every £1 spent both in-store and online. (Some products, such large aquariums and equipment, are not eligible for point accumulation; the add to cart button on each product page indicates whether you are eligible for points or not)
1000 points = £5
2000 points = £10
3000 Points = £15
4000 Points = £20
5000 points = £25

Have you redeemed a voucher and haven't used it?

Your voucher will expire after six months if it is not redeemed.

Haven't shopped with us in over 6 months?

Regretfully, because this is loyalty programme designed to reward faithful customers, loyalty points expire six months after your last purchase. However, as long as you continue to shop within that time frame, your balance will remain topped off and active.
Please note that loyalty point rewards may be unavailable during promotional periods.