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Co2 & Planting Equipment

  • 5ml Dosing Syringe.
  • Aquadip Dosing pump 2ml.
  • Aquael Versagarden Hydroponics Plus (Includes Light & Pump).

    Aquael Versagarden Hydroponics Plus (Includes Light & Pump)


    AQUAEL introduces yet another novelty product. The innovative VERSA GARDEN modules are used to create green walls on the facades of buildings,...

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  • Colombo Adapter Ring 95g To 800g Co2 Bottle.
  • Colombo Co2 Advance Set.

    Colombo Co2 Advance Set

    from £15.95

    from £15.95
  • Colombo CO2 Basic Refill Bottle Single.
  • Colombo co2 Basic Set.
  • Colombo Flora Base Pro 1L Fine.
  • Colombo Flora Base Pro 2.5L.

    Colombo Flora Base Pro 2.5L Fine-Course

    from £17.49

    Available in fine and course sizes.

    from £17.49
  • Colombo Flora Base Pro 5L.

    Colombo Flora Base Pro 5L Fine-Course

    from £29.99

    available in fine and course

    from £29.99
  • Colombo Flora Grow Duo Pack 250ml.
  • Colombo Flora Grow FE Iron Tabs.
  • Colombo Flora Grow Pro Special Fertiliser.
    from £8.99
  • Easy-Life Algexit Green Algae Treatment.
    from £8.00
  • Easy-Life Blue Exit Cyano Algae Treatment.
    from £8.00
  • Easy-Life Catappa-X Health & Colour Booster.
    from £5.00
  • Easy-Life Easy Carbo Liquid Carbon Fertiliser.
    from £5.00
  • Eheim Plant Tongs 400mm.

    Eheim Plant Tongs 400mm


    The Eheim Plant Tongs make it easy to reach places that are difficult to access in the aquarium. Dead leaves or plant stems can be cut off exactly ...

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  • Ista 16g Disposable Cartridge 3 Pack.
  • Ista co2 Advance Full Kit.
    from £15.00
  • Ista co2 Disposable Starter Set.
  • Ista co2 Indicator Solution.
  • Ista Disposable 16g co2 Set.
  • TMC Aquagro Curved Scissors.