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Quantum Bio-Trace

SKU QU5450

Plant Essential® Bio-Trace™ is scientifically formulated to provide a mixture of ionic, complexed and chelated trace elements. Trace elements are required by plants to help enhance their natural colour as well as reduce chlorosis and improve growth rates. The ionic and complexed trace elements are immediately bioavailable, while the chelated trace elements deliver sustained release, helping to provide a consistent supply of trace elements to plants. Additionally, once the plant uptakes the trace element from the chelate, the chelate may convert other precipitated trace elements to more bioavailable forms for the lifetime of the chelate, that is, until the chelate is broken down into nutrient sources for the plants to uptake, leaving minimal waste in your aquarium. Recommended Iron concentration = 0.05-0.10ppm.

– Deionised Water
– Bioavailable Trace Elements