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Amazon River Macro Probiotic Mineral Concentrate™ is scientifically formulated to gently raise your GH and provide you with the ideal ratio of essential major, minor and trace elements to help replicate the aquatic environment of Amazon Rivers. Many biochemical processes that occur within your aquarium inhabitants require Magnesium, Calcium as well as other minor and trace elements. Fish tend to uptake a significant portion of required elements through the water, it is essential to ensure these elements are bioavailable and abundant. Additionally, Amazon River Macro Probiotic Mineral Concentrate™ contains macrobiotics, probiotics as well as vitamin precursors which help to promote beneficial bacteria growth and enhance fish vitality. This product must be used alongside of our Amazon River pH Buffer & Amazon River KH Conditioner, as temperature in combination with the triad GH, KH and pH, are essential for the quality and longevity of your aquarium.

Suitable Environments:
• Amazon River: 1-3 dGH

– Deionised Water
– Major, Minor & Trace Elements
– Macrobiotics
– Probiotics
– Vitamin Precursors

Shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds before each use, this product is not to be used with a dosing
pump. For dosing directly into the aquarium – we recommend diluting with your aquarium water
first, then slowly adding into high flow. For dosing into water change container – we recommend
adding slowly while mixing then continue water change as usual. This product must be used in
freshwater aquariums only.

20mL/100L (26 gal) will raise your aquarium by 1dGH. When using this product during a water
change, only dose for the volume of water change.

For easier dosing, download our FREE “Q Dosing” app!

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