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Juwel Eccoflow Pump

SKU JU4656

The JUWEL Eccoflow pumps are the new generation of JUWEL flow pumps. The impellers in all Eccoflow pumps are double-bearing and specially matched to the respective motor output. This enables the Eccoflow pumps to run particularly smoothly and with low power consumption. Thanks to the separately available ceramic axes, JUWEL Eccoflow pumps are also ideally suited for use in sea water.

The bypass principle ensures permanent and automatic cleaning of the impeller chamber. Of course, the JUWEL Eccoflow pumps meet the highest safety standards and are of course TÜV / GS certified.

JUWEL Eccoflow pumps are available in the following performance classes and optimized for use in the JUWEL filter system.

Eccoflow 300

  • Max. Pump capacity: 300 litres / h
  • Power consumption: 4.4 watts
  • Cable length: 238 cm

Eccoflow 500

  • Max. Pump capacity: 500 litres / h
  • Power consumption: 5.5 watts
  • Cable length: 146 cm

Eccoflow 600

  • Max. Pump capacity: 600 litres / h
  • Power consumption: 7 watts
  • Cable length: 238 cm

Eccoflow 1000

  • Max. Pump capacity: 1000 litres / h
  • Power consumption: 8 watts
  • Cable length: 238 cm

Eccoflow 1500

  • Max. Pump capacity: 1500 litres / h
  • Power consumption: 24 watts
  • Cable length: 238 cm