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Aquael 60 Litre Hexa Set, Hexagon Tropical Aquarium Kit

The Aquael 60 Litre Hexa Set is a high quality, great looking aquarium kit from Aquael. Complete with hinged hood for good access into the aquarium and to the filter system, the hood also has an easy access feeding hatch for the administering food, medication, cleaning and maintenance requirements. 

Complete with an 11w, IP67 rated, built in lighting system for bright illumination of your fish and decor, the 60 litre Hexagon Aquarium in a beautiful black finish also features a highly efficient built in filtration system with two filtration baskets and pump. The Aquael 60 Litre Hexa Set also includes a highly professional Aquael heater for keeping the water at the desired temperature for tropical fish.

With a sophisticated design, Aquael have combined their expert knowledge in advanced aquarium equipment with their innovative design skills to provide hobbyists with a stylish and dynamic hexagonal tropical aquarium kit for beginners and those looking for a high grade finish.

Complete with heater to regulate the temperature for tropical fish.  Or choose not to use this for coldwater fish

At a Glance:

Dimensions: L41cm x W41cm x H60cm.

Size: 60 litre

Finish: black

Complete with an 11w, IP67 rated, built in lighting system for bright illumination

Complete with heater for tropical fish

Enhances fish and coral growth and development

Hinged hood for good access to aid feeding, medication, cleaning and maintenance

Two filtration baskets and pump

Built-in filtration system

Easy to set up

Stylish and versatile

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