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Waterlife humaquat 250ml

SKU WA2980

Waterlife Humaquat

 Waterlife Humaquat is a concentrated pH adjuster.
it creates blackwater for acid loving fish and plants.
encourages spawning and increases disease resistance.
 Furthermore, it enhances colours and appetites.
encouraging healthy plant growth helps to suppress algae.
 Only suitable for tropical freshwater species.


250ml treats up to 2500litres

What is a blackwater biotope ?

Blackwater aquariums are something most aquarists have seen before, but few have tried.

The dark water, scarce planting, and leaf litter are not for everyone, but can make for a beautiful aquarium, when properly set up, while being perfect for anyone who likes to recreate natural habitats

An aquarium with water so dark most plants cannot thrive and fish are practically invisible may sound senseless to some, but there can be many reasons to invest in this type of tank.

Most aquarists know many popular aquarium fish actually dwell in stained, soft, and acidic waters, and attempting to recreate these habitats can be a fun and challenging project.

It can also be beneficial for the fish, especially if caught in the wild; being in a more natural environment without bright lighting helps keep their stress levels down and can be crucial when trying to breed some species.

There are many different blackwater biotopes that can be recreated in an aquarium; even if you’re not interested in copying nature exactly, you can still produce a wonderful aquascape by combining different elements.

About the darkwater aquarium

There are, however, a few things that almost all blackwater aquariums have in common.

The first is obviously the dark water. “Dark” can range from a slightly tea-colored tint to very dark brown.

The color is caused by tannins, which naturally occur in plants, thus, the more leaves, branches, and other litter that falls down in rivers, streams, and ponds, the darker the water will become.

The same goes for aquariums! This is the reason a lot of driftwood is usually used in these setups and there may even be decaying leaf litter on the bottom.

Another similarity in blackwater aquariums is the water is soft and acidic.

For more info on setting up a Blackwater aquarium click here


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