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BACTERLIFE contains selected natural bacteria necessary for establishing and maintaining biological systems responsible for maintaining healthy aquarium and pond water. This biological action breaks down organic wastes i.e. fish faeces and uneaten food, in addition to ammonia and nitrite.

BACTERLIFE can also help reduce the formation of algae by competing for nutrients.

A healthy aquarium is the result of good biological activity which purifies the water through the natural decomposition of wastes produced by the fish. Excess waste build-up is a sign of an unbalanced aquarium and can quickly lead to unhealthy water conditions, and fish disease. It is common to find that the proper bacteria are not present in sufficient number to ensure adequate biological activity. This is particularly true when starting-up a new aquarium or pond. Regular use of BACTERLIFE, to maintain biological activity, ensures this is no longer a problem.

For some time, it has been known that the addition of the good bacteria on a regular basis to the water can significantly improve water quality. This technique is called BIO-ENCHANCEMENT and results in clearer, cleaner and healthier water conditions. This is particularly true in artificial environments such as aquariums. BACTERLIFE responds to this technique by providing a concentrated mixture of selected natural micro-organisms

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