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TMC Reef Habitat 50cm Aquarium & Cabinet

SKU TM3871

The TMC Reef Habitat comes with "ultra-clear" low iron glass for the clearest view experience. Included in the price is pipework, sump (with built in RO chamber). The Reef Habitat also includes a top-up compartment in the sump to allow for adding an auto top up system to feed R.O water into main sump as and when required to replace evaporation loss.

The cabinets offer supreme clean lines with push to open catches and premium soft close hinges to ensure your animals are left undisturbed when you open and close the door. Your tank will look fantastic...for years to come.

Available Colours:

  • Gloss White
  • Gloss Black
  • Oak
  • Brushed Limestone

The colours are of course relating to the cabinet doors and panels.

Available as a added extra is the Sump riser draw unit. This sits under the sump within the cabinet to add a storage compartment. These are not in stock and ordered with aquariums as a extra. 

Product Specification:

Ultra Clear Glass Thickness 8mm
Surface Skimming Weir Yes
Main Tank Operating Volume 104L
Sump Volume 34L
Sump Filtration Volume 15L
RO Reservoir 10L
Operational System Volume 119L
Tank Width 50cm
Tank Depth 50cm
Tank Height with Cabinet 130cm
Return Pump Water Height 150mm
Skimmer Water Height 150mm
Sump Pump Chamber 150mm x 338mm
Refugium Chamber N/A
Return Pump Hosetail 20mm
Recommended Return Pump Reef Pump 2000*
Recommended Light Reef Photon 84w 1 x Single*
Recommended Skimmer Reef Skim 200 or Reef Skim Pro 300**
Recommended Wave Maker Reef Tide 4000s*
Recommended ATU Reef Fill Compact*

**For highly stocked tanks.

*Recommended items are suggested by Manufacturer and are NOT included.