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Multi Spectrum LED light with 3 switchable, dimmable modes for nano and smaller aquariums.

This brilliant compact LED is great for smaller aquariums and works well as a spotlight. It comes with a flexible mounting arm allowing you to angle the light as required. With this being LED it creates a high performance light that penetrates in to your marine tank, creating a natural shimmering effect and showing your tank life in all of its natural glory. Each unit only uses 3w of electricity and has 3 x 1w LED's. Dimmable using back inline controller. Max glass thickness 8mm

Natural Daylight: Great for small freshwater aquariums, with them being 6500k they are suited well for live plants and give out the correct spectrum for optimal growth and colouration. You can also use this in a marine aquarium as a Refugium light, to help keep nitrates and phosphates down.

Marine White: This is your natural marine white LED, so great for Coral growth and clarity. It consists of 1 blue LED and 2 white so it will still give that nice blue tinge to the water. White LED 12000k, Blue LEd 450-465nm

Reef Blue: Blue LEDs make it ideal for night vision, acclimation and colour enhancement. It is advised to use this light in conjunction with marine white LED's for optimal results. All 3 LED's are blue (450-465mm) and do not contain any white LED,s.

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