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Superfish Scaper 60 Tank Set

SKU SU6559

Superfish Scaper Tank 60

Superfish Scaper aquariums are made of Crystal Clear glass, which ensures a crystal clear underwater image. The three models have been specifically developed for Aquascaping, so the dimensions are perfect fro creating beautifully planted underwater landscapes.


Hang on Filter

The perfect hanging filter for aquascape aquariums


Scaper LED lighting

The Scaper LED lighting is tailor made for the Scaper Aquariums. With a high light output for optimal plant growth.


  • Scaper Tank
  • Hang on back Filter
  • Scaper LED Light
  • Base protection sheet (EVA foam - heat insulating)
  • Background foil (black and white side)
  • Colombo Flora Grow and Grow Carbo Fertiliser



Volume ~ 60 Litres
Size L x D x H    50 x 35 x 35 cm
Lighting Scaper LED 60, 28 Watt, PAR 269
Filter Hang on Filter 100 (6 Watt)