Superfish Moving Bed Filter L

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Superfish Moving Bed Filter L

Air-driven moving bed filter with the highest yield of aerobic bacteria, ensures clean and healthy aquarium water!

  • Recommended as an additional filter to increase biological filtration capacity in densely populated aquariums
  • High oxygen levels through aeration improve the growth of aerobic bacteria, ensuring more efficient nitrification
  • Aerobic bacteria attach to the micro filter media and convert harmful ammonia (NH3) into nitrite (NO2) and nitrate (NO3)
  • The filter media is self-cleaning, meaning maintenance of the filter is minimal
  • No mechanical parts
  • Equipped with an air stone which ensures better water flow through the filter
  • Easy to connect to an air pump (Recommend: SuperFish Air-Flow 1 (100 L/h))


Please note: An air pump is needed and NOT included!

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