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Superfish Hang on Filter 200

SKU SU6571

Superfish Hang On Filter 200

Hang on Filter 100 and 200 are external filters for cold water and tropical aquariums. The hang on application of the biological filter at the rear saves space inside the aquarium. The Hang on Filter 100 contains two cartridges. The Hang on Filter 200 contains three filter cartridges.

Hang on Filter Cartridges

The Dual-Action filter cartridge consists of carbon filter foam and 2 micro filter mats. The activated carbon absorbs colour and toxins from the water while the pH value remains neutral. The result is crystal clear, healthy water.
The individual cartridges are easy to link together so can be swapped out individual to reduce loss of too much filter bacteria during replacement and maintenance.


Model Hang on Filter 100 Hang on Filter 200
Aquarium volume  0-100 litre 0-200 litre
Flow 450 L/h 450 L/H
Power 6W 6W
Filter Cartridges 2 pcs. 3 pcs.
Dimensions L29.5cm x W6.5cm x H17cm L29.5cm x W6.5cm x H17cm