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Designed from the bottom up specifically for reef aquariums, Red Sea’s ReefDose comes with 2 or 4 bespoke

(patent-pending) dosing heads that are so precise, they keep a consistent daily dosing schedule to the accuracy
of a single drop. ReefDose offers a variety of smart dosing options for each head that are automatically
combined into a coordinated daily dosing schedule for the complete device.
The ReefDose features include:
 4 Automatic dosing programs - Single dose, Hourly dose, Custom dose, Timer schedule
 Automated scheduling – combines all your dosing heads programs into one coordinated schedule.
 Missed dose compensation - compensates scheduled doses that you may have missed due to
unplanned events.
 Supplement volume monitor – notifies you in advance when it’s time for a re-fill.
 3 Dosing flow rates – including a “whisper” mode for quieter operation.
 Dosing queue & dosing log – See your heads’ upcoming scheduled doses, and review a detailed record
of your dosing activity.
 Food head – set any head as a “Food Head” to trigger “Feed mode” in the ReefBeat App (which can be
programmed to turn off all pumps prior to dosing).

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