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Red Sea Reef Mature Pro Kit

SKU RE3683

Red Sea Reef Mature Pro Kit is a complete supplement pack for the biological maturation of marine and reef aquariums which helps to get new tanks ready for fish and inverts.

The pack contains everything you need to fully mature the filtration system and ensure that your reef set up is in the best condition. The blend of bacteria will start the natural processes that remove ammonia and other toxins, and prepare the water for the addition of fish and even the most sensitive of corals.

The kit includes:

Nitro Bac saltwater bio-starter, a concentrated blend of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria.
 a bacteria growth starter.
NO3: PO4-X:
 biological nitrate and phosphate reducer.
KH Coralline Gro:
 barine buffer and trace supplement.

It includes step by step instructions so you know when exactly to administer the treatments and all the measurements you need so that you can keep your corals healthy.

Treats 250 litres.