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Coral Pro Salt is another expert product from aquatics specialists, Red Sea. Coral Pro Salt consists of natural sea minerals, buffers and calcium and has been created for use with mineral free, reverse osmosis water or for areas with soft tap water.

The formula has been created according to the latest research into the needs of coral within reef aquariums and helps to provide ideal conditions for the accelerated growth of strong, coral skeletons. The chemically balanced blend is even suitable for the most sensitive coral formations and marine life including invertebrates.

Being both nitrate and phosphate free, algae problems need not be a concern. Coral Pro Salt is also free of any heavy metals and chemical binders, so will not leach any pollutants into the water.

7 kg. (15.4 lb.) Bucket/ Water volume: 210 litres (55 gal.)

22 kg. (48.5 lb.) Bucket/ Water volume: 660 litres (175 gal.)

Key features include:

  • Can be used with RO or soft tap water.
  • Contains higher dose of calcium and buffer qualities.
  • Suitable for corals, coralline algae and invertebrates.
  • Free from metals and other pollutants.
  • Nitrate and phosphate free.
  • All-natural eco-friendly harvesting from the waters of the exotic Red Sea

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