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Black Beard Remover is scientifically formulated to remove Black Beard Algae and other nuisance algae. Black Beard Algae (BBA) is one of the most common issues found by freshwater enthusiasts. If left untreated, BBA can cover glass, wood and plants which may cause stress to your inhabitants. In order to help reduce stress within your aquarium, we recommend maintaining a healthy environment by providing nutrients such as those found in our Plant Essential® Bio-Elements™, Plant Essential® Bio-Molecules™ & Plant Essential® Bio-Trace™ supplements. As the plants grow, they naturally will strip the key nutrients required by BBA helping to slow growth rates. Black Beard Remover (polyglutaraldehyde) is a highly effective means of removing BBA when combined with healthy water conditions and algae eating inhabitants. When using this or any other polyglutaraldehyde-based product please ensure that the product is of high quality, as lower quality products may contain high levels of toxic formaldehyde. Our Black Beard Remover has been manufactured with only superior grade raw ingredients.

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