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Piscine Energetics Frozen PE Mysis 113g

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SKU PI5806
It is Piscine’s patented fishing technology which we employ on our company owned fishing vessels that allows us to harvest the Mysis shrimp at night when they are feeding near the surface. It is at night time when PE MYSIS rise to the surface and are in the same water depth as the Kokanne Salmon fry. Therefore through the development of our proprietary fishing methodology and demonstrating the effectiveness of Piscine’s technology and ability to mitigate bycatch (and reintroduce any bycatch back into the lake alive and unharmed) Piscine gained the endorsement of the British Columbia Ministry of Environment to allow us to harvest the Mysis from sunset to sunrise while they are feeding at night on the phytoplankton and daphnia near the surface.

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