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Various eggs are part of the natural diet of almost all tropical fish. These small orange eggs offer an extremely tasty and nutritious variation in any fish’s diet.


Could be used for these groups of fish
Nano Reef,Angels,Angels - Pygmy Angels,Livebearers,Shrimps,Pipefish,Shrimps,Damsels,Tetra's,Seahorses,Rainbow Fish,Danio's,Mandarins -
Cardinals,Hawkfish,Victoria Cichlids,Cichlids,Soft Corals,Razorfish,Invertebrates,Mollies,Gobies,Barbs,Blennies,Barbs - Tetra's -
Rasbora's,Surgeonfish,Seahorses - Razorfish,Mandarins,Hard Corals,Tanganyika Cichlids,Crustaceans,Anthias,Gobies -
Blennies,Rasbora's,Crabs,Cardinals,Shrimps - Crayfish - Crabs,Malawi Cichlids,Damsels -
Anthias,Clownfish,Butterflyfish,Crayfish,Guppies,Platies,Pygmy Angels,Swordtails

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