Komodo Forest Terrain Orchid Bark Chips 6ltr

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The perfect substrate for forest and tropical set ups that you can use for wet or dry environments.

Sourced from a 100% organic renewable resource.

Creating the ultimate environment for your reptile is crucial and the Orchid Bark Forest Terrain will surely help to bring a more natural feel to their environment.

The Forest Terrain is a natural substrate so will be great for making your reptile feel at home.

The Orchid Bark Forest Terrain is suitable for a range of both Reptiles and Amphibians.

This substrate is great for:

  • Crested Gecko
  • Day Gecko
  • Water Dragon
  • Royal Python
  • Poison Arrow Frog
  • Whites Tree Frog
  • Hermit Crab

For those that prefer warm environments, this terrain is ideal as once dampened it will create humidity within their enclosure.

Simple maintenance is required for this Forest Terrain, is it important for a daily spot clean to be taken place and whilst this is done you should also remove any soiled terrain.

However, every 2-3 weeks the substrate should be completely removed or more frequently if it becomes heavily soiled or wet.

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