Eheim Aquaball 180 Internal Filter

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The characteristic spherical head of the new EHEIM internal filter makes it possible: with just the flick of a wrist, the desired direction of flow and the optimum angle of slope can be adjusted individually to influence the movement of the surface selectively. The flow rate is set by the output regulator and the oxygen enrichment of the water can be dosed by the diffuser as required. In the filter tanks, mechanical-biological water clarification is performed by special foam cartridges. New Features:

  • new \"power diffusor\" venturi for better aeration
  • new coarse-structured filter pad in the media box
  • new improved filter baskets made of more rigid plastic material
  • improved box design
  • Suitable for tanks between 100 - 200 litres
  • 650 l.p.h output 6 watt motor
  • Length : 270 mm Diameter : 96 mm


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