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You might have been asked recently for Eco rock , real reef rock or an alternative to live rock like ceramics or cement base structures

Our exclusive brand Caribsea have the answer for you.

It got Loads of the benefits of live rock but with none of the negatives .

The rock comes seeded with a spore bacteria ready to act as your base filtration ,
The shapes and colours are that of actual live rock .
The surface structure is designed so coralline algae and corals can attach and grow just like they do on live rock .

However :-
No unwanted algae
No long curing times
No hitch hiking pests

As the worlds oceans get stripped of live rock reef faces are being reduced at crazy speeds.
It is thought that in the last 20years that 19% of the worlds reefs have been destroyed due to over farming of rock and aragonite used for media ect...
If we love the hobby as we say we do then we need to make a difference . The next time you purchase live rock , set up a new tank or do a rescape just think of where that live rock has came from .
We can collectively make an effort to actually try to make a difference , even if its just to suggest to your customer the thought of using life rock , we could see dramatically reduced damage to the beautiful reefs we love .

Ok so now you think it might be a good idea I guess your thinking " ok how much is this going to cost "
Trust me I was thinking the same and I was actually quite surprised , it comes in cheaper than buying actual live rock and way cheaper than other similar alternatives ( ceramics etc...),
this product offers a fantastic sales opportunity so you can make good profits for the store but also offering an excellent value product for your customers .

Its a win win for everyone YOU - THE CUSTOMER - THE CORAL REEF

Life Rock is color matched to real coralline algae right out of the box. You get the deep-toned, mature look without having to wait for real coralline algae to colonize.

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