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Beaphar Mite Spray 50ml

SKU BE5915

Beaphar Insect Spray contains Ivermectin and is a veterinary medicine that will kill mites, ticks, lice and insect pests. Recommended against snake mites, red mites and other subcutaneous mites.

To Use:

Remove drinking and swimming water before using this product (this can be replaced after 1 hour). If the animal's skin is dirty, clean this before using spray. Do not combine treatment with use of other antibacterial or anti-parasite products. Treat all animals that share a living space at the same time. To ensure that you use the correct dosage, weigh your animal before using the product. Apply one pump of product per 200g body-weight. Do not treat animals weighing less than 80g. Spray from a short distance (10-15 cm). Spray the liquid over the skin starting from the back to the front. Avoid contact with the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and genitals.