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AQUADIP Water Test 6in1 - 50 Test Strips

SKU AQ5222

Water Test 6in1

Rapid test for the 6 most important water parameters

AQUADIP 6 in 1 Test Strips is a quick, easy and reliable test for freshwater aquariums.
You can determine 6 important water values within one minute.

GH: General hardness, NO2: Nitrite, NO3: Nitrate, CI2: Chlorine, KH: Total alkalinity and pH
Just dip the analysis strip into the water for 2 seconds and do not shake off excess of water.
Leave the strip horizontal for 30 seconds and compare the results with the colour chart printed on the container.

Suitable for freshwater only.

Rapid test with 50 dipsticks for the 6 most important water values:
• pH-value
• carbonate hardness (KH)
• total hardness (GH)
• Nitrite (NO₂),
• Nitrate (NO₃),
• Chlorine (CL₂)