On certain product pages you may come across what we call "Mix & Match Discount" this allows you to save money on products in that section, For example "Frozen Foods" you can either select 6 for 5% off or 12 for 10% off, This doesn't have to be all the same product you can mix and match foods within this section.

A livestock example would be, Say for instance you want 3 barbs and 2 angelfish. This wouldn't give you 3% off for buying 5 as they're in separate sections. So in order to get your discount you'd need to get a minimum of 5 angelfish & 5 barbs.

Each section is its discount rule so if your shopping Angels & Discus you'll have to meet the minimum in this section etc. 

Currently Available On:

  • Frozen Food
  • Reptile Frozen Food
  • Marine Invertebrates
  • All Tropical Fish
  • Pond Fish
  • Coldwater Fish
  • MinnFinn External Fish Treatment

*Please note loyalty points can't be used when using mix & match discounts