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Bubble Magus G9 Skimmer Green Neon

SKU BU3085

The G9 Neon Internal Protein Skimmer  is mechanically one of the most effective organic waste removing filters for saltwater aquaria.

It features the Bubble Magus SP Series pump which utilizes a durable needle wheel impeller that not only draws a considerable amount of water and air, but also finely chops them up for optimal skimming.

The Skimmer is cone shaped, helping to decrease inner body turbulence & also eliminate micro-bubbles from escaping.

The collection cup is robust a attachment that provides plenty of volume to collect skimmates

This G Series also comes with a Collection Cup Lid Nipple, a feature that enables the raising skimmate from the body to disperse into the collection cup with ease rather than falling back into the water column.

Bubble Magus Internal Skimmer G9

Pump:  Bubble-magus Rock SP4000

AC 220v,  20W

Use to tank:  900 – 1500L

Water level:  250MM

Size: 280 x 215 x 615MM