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Red Sea Phosphate Marine Test Kit

SKU RE3686

Phosphates are a primary nutrient source for many forms of algae, particularly green hair species, so when high concentrations are allowed to accumulate in an aquarium, it opens the door for aggressive algae blooms to occur. Phosphates promote the proliferation of brown algae in the tissue of corals, masking the natural colour pigments of the corals and causing the coral to turn brown. It also restricts the calcium carbonate uptake necessary to enable the coral skeleton to grow.

Red Sea's colour-metric Phosphate Marine Test kit provides a quick and reliable measurement of Phosphate in your aquarium to an accuracy of 0.1ppm PO4. This test kit, in conjunction with Red Sea's Nitrite/Nitrate test kit, enables dosing of NO3: PO4- X (Biological Nitrate and Phosphate reducer).

Each Phosphate Marine Test Kit includes 100 tests.